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Community Health Needs Assessment Highlights Opportunities for Children

Connecticut Children’s is proud to be a local, regional and national leader in promoting the optimal health, development and well-being of children and their families. Our commitment includes the extraordinary healthcare that our clinical teams provide as well as our work in strengthening families and communities so they can help children thrive from childhood into adulthood.

In December 2022, our organization published its 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment. The report assesses the needs of Hartford residents, which is the city in which our health system’s main campus is located. Non-profit hospitals are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to conduct Community Health Needs Assessments every three years and produce improvement plans to address the identified needs. At Connecticut Children’s, our assessments and improvement plans provide critical direction for the nationally recognized work of Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health as well as our organization’s additional population health efforts.

As you will see, our 2022 assessment includes input from health leaders, community leaders, school nurses, school social workers, and community residents. While Hartford neighborhoods and residents have many strengths, the IRS specifically requires non-profit hospitals to focus on community needs in such assessments.  In alignment with those requirements, our 2022 assessment brings attention to the extensive disparities that Hartford residents face compared to those living in other parts of the state. Such disparities include the lack of access to affordable and equitable healthcare; healthy, stable and affordable housing; and nutritious food; as well as higher rates of chronic illnesses; greater exposure to trauma, violence and injuries; and lower rates of academic and career success.

The assessment categorizes the findings into the following areas:

  • Healthy, Stable and Secure Housing
  • Access to Nutritious Food
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Educational and Occupational Opportunities
  • Safe Neighborhoods and Violence Prevention

The assessment also makes numerous recommendations to address identified needs related to the five identified and prioritized areas, such as expanding lead abatement and mold remediation efforts; advocating for increased access to healthy foods; increasing access to healthcare and reducing health disparities; supporting programs that bolster kindergarten readiness and academic achievement; and supporting safe neighborhoods and violence intervention initiatives. As we continue to analyze the findings from our 2022 assessment, we will develop and publish our accompanying Community Health Improvement Plan in the coming weeks.

At Connecticut Children’s, we stand ready to address and reduce disparities through a number of interventions and opportunities. In doing so, we can ensure health equity and stronger futures for the children and families we serve.

Access Connecticut Children’s 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment here.

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