Category: Preventing Childhood Obesity

Promoting the Power of Play

By: Nancy Trout, MD, MPH As a component of the Kohl’s Start Childhood Off Right (SCOR) program, we include playing with young infants and toddlers and encouraging physical activity as part of a comprehensive obesity prevention strategy. Coupled with breastfeeding promotion and the healthy introduction of complementary foods […]

Breastfeeding is Best!

By: Nancy Trout, MD, MPH The United States delegation to the United Nations World Health Assembly recently shocked the public health sector (and much of the world) by seeking to water down a resolution that called for governments to “protect, promote and support breastfeeding” and to restrict misleading […]

Fighting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

By: Nancy Trout, MD, MPH The tide of childhood obesity continues to swell despite interventions at the national, state and local levels. Given the current level of childhood obesity, simulated models of growth trajectories across the life course predict that 57 percent of today’s children will be obese […]

Preventing Childhood Obesity from Birth

By: Nancy Trout, MD, MPH and Stacy Chandna, MS, CIP Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health (the Office) is excited to launch the Kohl’s Start Childhood Off Right (Kohl’s SCOR) initiative to prevent childhood obesity from birth. The initiative is funded through a generous grant from Kohl’s. […]