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Video: Promoting Children’s Optimal Healthy Development

In this video, Paul H. Dworkin, MD, describes efforts by the Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health to promote children’s optimal healthy development.

“We’ve long embraced the notion that, at Connecticut Children’s, our commitment to providing treatment to children with diseases and disorders, even preventing diseases and disorders, also needs to be expanded or extended to promoting children’s optimal healthy development,” said Dr. Dworkin.  “If we are going to be successful in supporting families in ensuring their children’s health and development, we must engage all the sectors that are so critically important to family support.”

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Paul Dworkin, MD, is the executive vice president for community child health at Connecticut Children’s, the director of the Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health and the founding director of the Help Me Grow® National Center. Dr. Dworkin is also a professor of pediatrics at the UConn School of Medicine.  Learn more »

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