Asthma Disparities

Easy Breathing Improves Asthma Management for Children

By: Jessica Hollenbach, PhD

It is estimated that more than 25 million people live with asthma in the United States, and many of them are children whose families are unaware they have the disease. In New England, 14 percent of children have asthma compared to nine percent across the country. At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, we are determined to raise awareness about asthma and available treatment options in order to make a difference in asthma management for children fighting this disease.

Our Asthma Center’s signature program, Easy Breathing©, is making an impact across Connecticut and beyond. The program is a community-based asthma management program that translates national asthma guidelines into a usable format for pediatricians and other health care providers. The program ensures that children, families, and physicians work together to manage asthma symptoms.

In 2015, Easy Breathing enrolled more than 10,000 children, bringing the total number of children screened to more than 150,000 in Connecticut since it began in 1996. Of those children, approximately 27 percent have physician-diagnosed asthma. The program is also serving children in other states beyond Connecticut.

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To increase awareness about Easy Breathing and all it offers, we’ve created a new infographic. Please take a look to learn more about the five-step process we use to identify and manage childhood asthma. You’ll also find additional information on our program’s impact.


Easy Breathing© is a program of the Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health.

Jessica Hollenbach, PhD, is a research associate with the Connecticut Children’s Asthma Center.

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