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Connecticut’s Healthiest Kids

Children in Connecticut are among the healthiest kids in the country.

That’s according to the 2016 Kids Count Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  The report ranks Connecticut fifth in terms of overall child well-being and was featured in the Hartford Courant.  Our state came in right behind Minnesota, Massachusetts, Iowa, and New Hampshire.

In compiling its rankings, the report analyzed data from four areas: economic well-being, education, health, and family and community.

Connecticut’s most impressive scores came in the health category, where the state ranked second.  As part of that category, the report notes that 7.6 percent of babies born in this state in 2014 had low birth weights, compared to eight percent nationwide.  Also in 2014, the report notes that four percent of Connecticut children lack health insurance, compared to six percent nationwide.  There were 15 child and teen deaths in this state per 100,000 people in 2014, compared to 24 across the country.  The report also shows five percent of Connecticut teens abuse alcohol or drugs, which was in line with figures reported from across the country.   All four of those health areas showed improvement in Connecticut, compared to figures reported from 2008.

While these numbers are great for Connecticut, the report still highlights that there is still plenty of work to do to improve child well-being. For example, Connecticut children living in poverty worsened from 12 percent in 2008 to 15 percent in 2014.  Also, children whose parents lack secure employment also worsened, from 24 percent in 2008 to 28 percent in 2014.

At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, our vision is to make the children of Connecticut the healthiest in the country.

Our Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health works to promote children’s optimal healthy development and advocates ways to strengthen families to overcome the challenges that living in poverty often present.  We are encouraged to see that progress is being made as outlined in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s report and we are committed to achieving even better outcomes for children and families in the future.

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