Trampoline Trouble

At Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, our research is once again making national headlines. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics, co-authored by Connecticut Children’s emergency physicians Steven Rogers, MD, and Jesse Sturm, MD, and pediatric emergency medicine fellow Kathryn Kasmire, MD, documented a sharp increase in injuries at trampoline parks across the country.

During the study, the physicians analyzed emergency room reports from a national database. They discovered that emergency room visits related to injuries at trampoline parks grew from just under 600 in 2010 to almost 7,000 in 2014, which was the latest year represented in the study.  The number of trampoline parks in the United States also increased during that time frame from around 40 in 2011 to 280 in 2014.

As CBS News reported, the study came about after the physicians began noticing a sharp increase in trampoline injuries, some of which were quite serious.

USA Today and other national media outlets also reported on the study.

This research is part of our commitment at Connecticut Children’s to raising awareness about injuries and other hazards in support of keeping children healthy and safe.

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