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National Spotlight Shines on Connecticut Children’s

At Connecticut Children’s, our community-oriented programs are leading the way in terms of strengthening families and helping children reach their full potential.  Now, the national spotlight is shining on two of our programs, which received national recognition for their work.

The American Hospital Association selected the Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes program and the Connecticut Children’s Center for Care Coordination to feature in its Community Connections initiative.  The initiative was created to support and highlight work done by hospitals across the country that extends beyond their walls to make communities healthier.  Both programs are part of the Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health, which is dedicated to promoting optimal healthy development for all children.

Our Healthy Homes program is recognized for its work removing lead and other hazards from homes in 15 cities and towns across Connecticut.  The program launched in 2003 and focused solely on lead removal.  In 2015, it broadened its focus to address other health hazards, including asthma triggers, and to also make homes more energy efficient.  To date, Healthy Homes has made more than 2,300 housing units lead-safe and has remediated other health and safety hazards from 700 units.

Our Center for Care Coordination is recognized for its work leading the way in coordinating care for all children, including those who are at risk for delays or disorders, instead of solely focusing on those with complex medical conditions.  The Center has a long history of coordinating care for children, dating back to the days Connecticut Children’s opened in 1996.  The Center’s initial focus was on children with complex medical conditions.  However, based on identified community needs, it recently expanded to serve all children.  Since 2009, the Center has screened nearly 12,500 children for unmet health, developmental, and social needs.  Of those screened, the Center connected 8,029 children to health and community services.

The American Hospital Association is a national advocate for hospitals and supports members as they strive to address unmet needs in their communities. Their recognition is a welcome sign that our work is headed in the right direction.

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